Analysis of the fractal structures in chaotic processes: Time series of the Danube river’s dayly runoff and the extremal hydrological events

Authors: N.G. Serbov, A.A. Svinarenko, O.Yu. Khetselius, A.K. Balan

Year: 2015

Issue: 19

Pages: 83-87


This paper goes on our investigations of the fractal structures in the chaotic and turbulent processes and connected with a great importance the experimental and theoretical studying of the non-linear dynamical systems with aim to discover the fractal features and elements of dynamical chaos. In this paper on the basis of wavelet analysis and multifractal formalism it is carried out an analysis of fractal structures in the chaotic processes (the time series of the daily runoffs for the Danube river, 1989-1998 years) and the spectrum of the fractal dimensions has been computed. It is carried out numerical modelling and fulfilled a comparison of theoretical data on runs with observed ones on the basis of the new approach to modeling the extremal hydrological events (flood etc.). The latter is based on the multi-factor systems formalism, in particular, system model with many inputs and one output.

Tags: chaotic processes; fractal dimensions; fractals structures; hydrological systems; the extremal hydrological events


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