Maximum flow of rain floods into the river basin of the Siversky Donets

Authors: E.D.Gopchenko, I.O.Hrushkovska

Year: 2015

Issue: 19

Pages: 107-113


Introduction. As you know, rain floods belong to natural phenomena of nature, which are associated with the destruction of railways, flooding areas and commercial facilities. However the existing legal framework for the calculation of maximum flow isn’t perfect and requires some development.
The purpose. Improvement of calculation method for the establishment of maximum flow characteristics of rare probability of exceeding.
Methods. The foundation of the calculation method is based on the form of a geometric model unimodal runoff hydrographs spring flood. Some parameters are defined with the help of calculation procedures (in determining the of the slope coefficient of inflow and coefficient floodplain-regulation of the channel), as a result regionalization of some of them.
Results. The calculation formula for determining the maximum runoff spring flood was justified, it is realized on the observations in the basin of the Seversky Donets.
Conclusion. This scientific and methodological framework can be used to develop calculation schemes of maximum runoff waters and floods, and the results obtained from basin of the Seversky Donets River – can be directly used in practice.

Tags: exceedance probability; floods; probability probability curve; security


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