Journal Subjects

Journal’s subject matter:

The Bulletin of Odessa State Environmental University publishes yet unpublished articles and articles not submitted for publication to any other publishing houses containing original results of experimental or theoretical research in the following areas: ecology and environmental protection, management of environmental protection, environmental economics, information technology in ecology and hydrometeorology, meteorology, agricultural meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and marine nature management, hydrography, social and humanitarian sciences, as well as scientific and methodological articles on teaching and learning activities at higher educational establishments.

The journal covers the following sections:

  • Environmental Protection;
  • Management and Environmental Economics;
  • Meteorology, Climatology and Agricultural Meteorology;
  • Hydrology and Hydroecology;
  • Oceanography and Marine Nature Management;
  • Basic Sciences;
  • Geoinformational and Technical Environmental Monitoring Systems;
  • Social and Humanitarian Sciences