Development of algorithms for digital processing of signals in the radiosonde upper-air sounding systems of the new generation

Authors: D.Y. Vel'myskyn, Y.V. Buchynskaya, K.S. Murkyna

Year: 2015

Issue: 19

Pages: 237-243


The article deals with noise-proof, highly sensitive and accurate signal processing algorithms in the up-per-air radiosonde ranging stages, telemetry signal isolation, calculation of meteorological parameters. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithms performed by computational experiment for coherent and incoherent detector. The experiment was conducted using a computer. Both used the detector output MAV-PLL demodulator in order to obtain a reliable algorithm for both detectors used identical input. Science Experiment results show that the coherent detector signal probe identifies clearly better at low signal to noise ratio. At -8 dB gives a false signal value of the probe. A similar pattern was repeated at lower values of signal-to-noise -11 dB. During the experiments, there has been a steady gap detection threshold of the coherent detector 3-4 dB.

Tags: demodulator; probability; probe; selection; telemetry; сигнал


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