Thermoelectric coefficients in generalized electron transport model approach

Authors: Kruglyak Yu.A., Remenyak L.V.

Year: 2017

Issue: 21

Pages: 105-119


General issues of electronic conductivity and the causes for the current flow, role of electro-chemical potentials, Fermi functions, and Fermi window for conduction are discussed, as well as there given detailed description of the Landauer elastic resistor model, different transport regimes from ballistic to diffusion and in between, conductivity modes, and transmission coefficient in the frame of the «bottom – up» approach of modern nanoelectronics. Generalized model of electron transport in the linear response regime developed by R. Landauer, S. Datta, and M. Lundstrom with application to the resistors of any dimension, any size and arbitrary dispersion working in ballistic, quasi-ballistic or diffusion regime is summerized.

In summary, the Landauer equation for the conductivity describes the electron transport in the conductor from the very general positions. The conductivity is proportional to the fundamental constants q and h, which determine the quantum of conductance, associated with contacts. The conductivity depends on the number of modes of conductance and transmission coefficient, representing the probability that an electron with energy E injected by one contact to reach another contact. Conductivity we finally find by integrating the contributions from all modes of conduction. The equations valid for 1D, 2D and 3D conductors for ballistic nanoreactors as well as for massive conductors.

Tags: integrals of the Fermi - Dirac; molecular electronics; nanoelectronics; nanophysics; thermoelectric coefficients; молекулярная электроника; молекулярная электроника; нанофизика; нанофизика; наноэлектроника; наноэлектроника; термоэлектрические; термоэлектрические


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