Non-equillibrium green’s functions method in matrix represenatation. 4. Quantum interference and dephasing

Authors: Kruglyak Yu.A., Kryzhanovskaya T.V.

Year: 2017

Issue: 21

Pages: 93-104


The following topics are discussed in the frame of the «bottom – up» approach of modern nanoelectronics: a super-brief but hopefully self-containing introduction to the Hamiltonian matrix whose eigenvalues tell us the allowed energy levels in the channel. However, the Hamiltonian describes an isolated channel and we can not talk about the steady-state resistance of an isolated chan-nel without bringing in the contacts and the battery connected across it. Non-equilibrium Green’s functions method in matrix presentation was initially formulated and applied to model transport problems for 1D and 2D conductors using a nearest neighbor orthogonal tight-binding model in the frame of the «bottom – up» approach of modern nanoelectronics. General method to account for electric contacts in Schrödinger equation to solve electron quantum transport problems is given. There are also discussed the elastic and spin dephasing modeling, account for non-coherent processes using Buttiker probe, 1D conductor with two and more scatterers, quantum interference, strong and weak localization, potential drop across scatterers, quantum oscillations in NEGF method without dephasing and with its account under phase and impulse relaxation regimes, destructive and constructive interference effects, four-component description of spin transport with account for dephasing and ending with discussion of quantum nature of classics including spin coherence and pseudo-spin formalism.

Tags: coherence; constructive interference; dephasing; destructive interference; impulse relaxation; molecular electronics; nanoelectronics; nanophysics; NEGF method; phase relaxation; pseudospin; quantum interference; spin coherence; spin transport; strong localization; weak localization; деструктивна інтерференція; деструктивна інтерференція; дефазировка; дефазировка; імпульсна релаксація; імпульсна релаксація; квантова інтерференція; квантова інтерференція; когерентність; когерентність; конструктивна інтерференція; конструктивна інтерференція; метод НРФГ; метод НРФГ; нанофизика; нанофизика; наноэлектроника; наноэлектроника; псевдоспин; псевдоспин; сильна локалізація; сильна локалізація; слабка локалізація; слабка локалізація; спинова когерентність; спинова когерентність; транспорт спинів; транспорт спинів; фазова релаксація; фазова релаксація


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