Mode of the wind speed in Morocco in early XXI century

Authors: Youssef El Hadri, Khokhlov V.M.

Year: 2017

Issue: 21

Pages: 22-28


The energy system in Morocco is strongly dependent on external energy markets. Currently, Morocco imports more than 93% of energy. In 2009, the Moroccan Government has developed a National Energy Strategy containing ways to increase a generation of renewable energy in the country. This study aims to identify features of current wind regime in Morocco in order to assess the resources of wind energy.

The data on the wind speed from 25 meteorological stations in Morocco for the period 2005-2014 were used to calculate the values of annual mean wind speed and the frequency of different wind speeds. The comparison of annual mean wind speed for the periods 1980-1999 and 2005-2014 showed that the recent values have increased especially in 2011-2014.

Light wind prevails at most stations of Morocco. Nevertheless, moderate and fresh wind prevails near the Gibraltar Strait, the Atlantic coast and in the southern part of country. These stations are Tan-Tan and Dakhla located in the southern part of the Atlantic coast. At these stations, the frequency of wind speeds below 5 m/s is the 34% and 17% respectively. This allows concluding that the conditions for wind power plants are favorable in southern part of the Atlantic coast.

Tags: Frequency; Wind Conditions; wind speed; повторяемость; повторяемость; режим ветра; режим ветра; скорость ветра; скорость ветра


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