About effectivity of the Kirkwood – Buff theory application for description of isothermal compressibility of binary mixture

Authors: Gerasymov O.I., Somov M.M.

Year: 2010

Issue: 09

Pages: 198-204


The Kirkwood – Buff scenario for studying of compressibility is applied for the investigation of excess compressibility of binary mixture. Constitutive relations between the compressibility of mixture and the partial compressibilities has been obtained. The uncertainty of the KB approach in case of studying of the excess compressibility is outlined. Along the corrected data the parameterization of relevant experimental data has been done. A statistical interpretation of the Redlich – Kister approach is carried out along the line of pure phenomenological analysis.

Tags: excess isothermal compressibility; Kirkwood–Buff theory; Redlich–Kister theory; solutions; statistical physics


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