Modelling of wind-induced circulation of water and water level denivellation in the Kuialnytskyi Lyman lagoon

Authors: Tuchkovenko Yu. S., Kushnir D. V., Hryb O. M.

Year: 2017

Issue: 22

Pages: 80-89


Results of 3D hydrodynamic computations are presented to analyse the wind-induced circulation of water and the skewness in the heights of water level marks in the Kuialnytskyi Lyman Lagoon under stationary winds with the speed of 5 m/s and various directions.

The computations were performed using a Delft3D-FLOW model on a curvilinear grid. The model was verified against the data obtained from synchronous measurements of the water level variability, which were conducted at three different points on the lagoon water surface in 2016.

It was found that under winds, which are longitudinal to the meridional lagoon axis, strong, extensive and unidirectional in depth currents are formed along the depth slope in the coastal regions. The direction of these extensive currents corresponds to the meridional component of the wind velocity vector. Gradient compensative bottom currents, directed inversely to the wind direction, are formed along the longitudinal axial line of the lagoon.

Under transversal to the meridional lagoon axis winds, strong, extensive alongshore currents in the central and southern parts of the lagoon are not formed; drift currents and intensity of barotropic circulation on the lagoon water surface weaken; spatial structure of the barotropic water circulation is characterized by the presence of a multitude of small-scale cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies.In the southern and central parts of the lagoon, between its western and eastern shores, circulating cells in the vertical plane are formed in the water column.

It is shown that even relatively weak winds can significantly change the water surface area of the lagoon and thus influence the evaporation volumes.

Tags: modelling; North-Western Black Sea coast; the Kuialnytskyi Lyman Lagoon; water table; wind-induced currents; вітрові течії; вітрові течії; водне дзеркало; водне дзеркало; Куяльницкий лиман; Куяльницкий лиман; моделювання; моделювання; Північно-західне Причорномор’я; Північно-західне Причорномор’я


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