The analysis of foreign law in a resort area with a view to elaboration of criteria for natural areas resorts of Ukraine

Authors: Leonova S.V., Nikipelova O.M.

Year: 2011

Issue: 11

Pages: 105-112


To work out criteria for the natural resort of Ukraine provides an overview of foreign legislation in the resort area. It was given regulatory documents that address the issues of the study of natural medicinal resources and natural areas of resorts, as well as obtaining the status of resorts. Determination of criteria will allow to differentiate natural territories of resorts after pretended status in accordance with Law of Ukraine «On resorts».

Tags: medical and sanitary infrastructure; natural curative resources; natural resort


  1. Закон України № 2026 – ІІІ від 05.10.2000 р. «Про курорти».
  2. Нікіпелова О.М., Леонова С.В., Біленький К.Е. Сучасні підходи до аналізу стану природних лікувальних ресурсів та оцінка природних територій курортів // Укр. геогр. журнал.—2007. — № 1. — С.39 — 42.
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